In Ayurveda, abhyangam is actually recommended as a daily routine apart from a treatment. Abhyangam is an oil massage having a similar procedure for all cases. Different oils are selected for different individuals depending upon their constitution, the season and also the ailments if the individual is suffering from any. Numerous benefits of abhyamgam include prevention of ageing, relief from fatigue, pacification of vata, increment of strength, immunity and it also makes one capable of tolerating strain and exertion. Other benefits include making the skin soft, adding luster to it, enhancing complexion and eyesight, kindling the digestive fire and reducing constipation. Abhyangam is provided at SPA Centre exclusively for all diseases and very carefully for every individual depending on his/her constituency and ailments.


In this process, special care is given to the feet. Caring for the feet is also very important to remain healthy. With pada abhyangam, roughness, dryness, fatigue and numbness of the feet are cured. It rejuvenates the feet by providing tenderness together with strength. The process bestows mental relief thus promotes good sleep. It cures loss of sensation, tiredness, stiffness and contractures of the feet. Relaxation of the feet is directly related to healthy eyes. Pada abhyangam is specifically also used in disorders such as sciatica, sprain, fluid retention, insomnia etc. Pada abhyangam is provided at SPA Centre for extreme relaxation and relief. Special attention is given to the choice of oils and medications used for various seasons, patients and diseases.